Cropping in photography theory

Why it is said above about photo schools is because they constantly, literally from the first lessons, teach a novice to crop when shooting – but meanwhile, it would be much more correct not to insist on it. No, we, highly competent geniuses from the special laboratory of “Simple Tricks”, have never denied the banal facts: it is really better to crop even when shooting, then you will use the maximum of your equipment purchased for American or European rubles. The only problem is that rarely do beginners use the maximum capabilities of their cameras, because they have yet to be known. We have already written about how to properly treat the choice of a camera – one of the most striking examples concerns the same raw – you first need to learn how to shoot, and only then squeeze the maximum out of it.

Any theory of learning is based on something, however, any theory is a theory and will remain, in fact, theories and are taught in photography schools. If you want to learn the practice, grab your camera and go outside. You can even not read anything at the same time – the quintessence of self-learning lies in the fact that you need to look for information only on those issues that you encounter as you move forward. There is a sea of ​​this information literally on any point, you just need to put it all through practice, otherwise there will be a lot of conflict intersections that can only be resolved by practice. The basis of many teaching methods is the desire for the “correct” photography technique … which, if you look globally, does not exist. Everyone at school is taught good and kind, but in fact a fair amount of people grow up as scoundrels. In art, however, these scoundrels are the most visible and expressive artists who do not just shoot pictures, but create masterpieces. That is why it is not necessary to learn to do the right thing from the very beginning.

I am personally self-taught, I have never attended photography schools and I consider them a necessity for many, but for myself – an absolute evil. Theory and practice diverge in life too much, unfortunately. Try to analyze how many photography school students become photographers (as a percentage, of course), and you will understand me.